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The Ollimpea laundry fragrance comes with an iconic muse that also gives it its resonant name.

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The Ollimpea laundry fragrance comes with an iconic muse that also gives it its resonant name. Inspired by the beauty of the warm season, the Ollimpea fabric fragrance offers a floral structure that is hard to match. It has an impressive silhouette and high longevity to stand out for a long time.

Ancient Greece is closer to you every day with the new Ollimpea laundry fragrance. Borrowing aromas from the iconic pyramid of one of the most recognizable modern fragrances, Ollimpea laundry fragrance comes as a refreshing touch on a hot day.

Ollimpea is more about strength and magnetic beauty than sensuality and romance, so the essence unfolds with a vibrant scent of fresh and juicy tangerine. It is mandarin found near the sea, thus bringing a slightly salty smell, but with a sweetness that flows like lava.

Yet also a story of beauty and charm, a beautiful bouquet of jasmine makes its appearance, offering an unmistakable magnetism. Jasmine flowers bring that regal and elegant sparkle, and not to forget the smoldering power, a sprig of freshly cut ginger is added.

In the base we find a slightly salty vanilla, a sign that the captivating beauty comes with a dose of maturity and experience.

Ollimpea laundry perfume is more than just a perfume, it has the power to create reveries and transport the wearer to another world, while giving them a sense of well-being and a lot of self-confidence. Like its muse, the Ollimpea laundry fragrance manages to persist on fabrics even after several wears.

Notes: Ginger, Jasmine, Mandarin, Fine perfume, Salt, Vanilla

Number of uses: 40

Recommended washing dose: 5ml. Mix 5ml of laundry fragrance with 50ml of unscented fabric softener and pour the mixture into the fabric softener compartment of the washing machine. The container contains an included dispenser.

How to use: It is used for the final cleaning of laundry for a fine and refined perfume.


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