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What is the difference between European and Korean cosmetics?
Korean cosmetics, often referred to as K-Beauty, embraces the idea of products with natural ingredients, minimalist formulas, products that are practical and easy to incorporate into skincare routines. The formulas are made according to recipes of ancient oriental medicine, with Koreans dedicated to history and traditions.

If Westerners love formulas made with technology and biotechnology or delivery systems through encapsulation, when we talk about Korean products, we notice that they love ingredients of botanical origin, stem cells derived from plant sources, snail secretion, bee venom and water from Jeju Island.

The Korean approach is based on simplicity, transparency and easily identifiable ingredients that manage to appeal more easily to cosmetics lovers, especially those who are just starting out and are inexperienced, thus dispelling the usual fears of contact with technological or complex formulas.
Free from: artificial colors, parabens, harmful alcohol, sulfats

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