Laundry perfume Fantasia


Fantasia laundry fragrance has a floral character inspired by a spectacular iconic fragrance.

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Fantasia laundry fragrance has a floral character inspired by a spectacular iconic fragrance. Created according to the inflections of its muse, Fantasia laundry fragrance is highly concentrated, so it will be able to be felt on clothes even after several wears, without being suffocating or “too much”.

Let your fantasies fly with the new Fantasia essence from Cashmere Aroma. Fantasia laundry perfume is a creation that mirrors an iconic fragrance to which is added passion, symbolism and a modern facet that gives it uniqueness.

An extremely refreshing and bright floral fragrance, the notes that announce its arrival are lilac blossoms, electrified by splashes of refreshing lemon. These two notes complement each other so beautifully – the lilac brings elegance and the lemon energetic spirit, a yin and yang so beautifully displayed in the Fantasia fragrance tableau.

To outline a modest and diaphanous figure, a large bouquet of peonies makes an appearance. The warmth and fantasy that bears the signature of this laundry fragrance lies in the peach sweetness that flows slowly and repeatedly over the peonies, thus forming a rich, bright and savory scent.

The base notes of the Fantasia perfume are those that bring the animal side to the fore through the savory smell of musk. To create that natural, wild, yet elegant setting, the sensuality of amber makes its appearance.

Notes: Amber, Peony, Flower, Lemon, Lilac, Musk, Fine perfume, Peach

Number of uses: 40

Recommended washing dose: 5ml. Mix 5ml of laundry fragrance with 50ml of unscented fabric softener and pour the mixture into the fabric softener compartment of the washing machine. The container contains an included dispenser.

How to use: It is used for the final cleaning of laundry for a fine and refined perfume.


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