Laundry perfume Dolce far niente


Contemplative and relaxing. Sunny. Both floral and fruity.

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Contemplative and relaxing. Sunny. Both floral and fruity. In short, a memorable experience that will captivate you and help you wear your favorite scents on every favorite item of clothing. Discover Dolce far niente!

The fruity mix of melons and ripe plums is the starting point of a premium laundry fragrance that then leads you to accords and tones of freesia and fresh florals. At its base, you then discover the aroma of relaxation, thanks to chamomile and amber, thus enjoying a truly special sensory experience.

Made with great care, Dolce far niente was designed to transform your cleaning routine into a true sunny journey of the senses, day by day, week by week. Discover it. Try it. Choose it. Repeat experience. At your own pace, every time.


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