ACCOJE Vital in Jeju Time Repair Serum


ACCOJE Vital in Jeju Time Repair Serum for healthy, radiant skin without wrinkles or pigment spots!


ACCOJE Vital in Jeju Time Repair Serum for healthy, radiant skin without wrinkles or pigment spots!
The purest water from the depths of the Jeju World Heritage Site provides the skin with plenty of moisture, while valuable vitamins and minerals from Jeju beetroot work deep down for a youthfully firm complexion. Star ingredients such as vitamins A, C, calcium, riboflavin, folic acid and retinol show their effect after the first application and provide the skin with a real energy boost.

What ingredients are in the ACCOJE Vital in Jeju care line?

Beets: Vitamins and minerals for energy and healthy, glowing skin.
Cactus: Packed with vitamins for an even complexion and healthy skin balance.
Aloe: minerals and lots of moisture as well as skin protection.
Green Tea: Amino acids to soothe irritation and strengthen the skin barrier.
What order of skin care?
Cleansing > Toner > Serum >> Lotion >> Cream >> Mask > Sunblock


ACCOJE is a natural skin care brand, also meaning “fine” or “beautiful” in Jeju dialect. The name is a promise to produce valuable skin care exclusively from the untouched nature of Jeju.

ACCOJE aims to solve various skin problems and keep skin healthy and young. To this end, optimal formulas are scientifically developed that exclude harmful chemical substances to take advantage of natural ingredients from Jeju.

All of ACCOJE’s products are made from natural plant extracts and ingredients that are grown and manufactured in Jeju. In addition, the entire production process from the cultivation of the ingredients to the manufacture of the entire product takes place in Jeju.

ACCOJE uses purified natural Jeju bedrock water, which is recognized by UNESCO as a source of life in ‘Clean Jeju’. Jeju Island emerged after over 100 volcanic eruptions and developed a unique geological structure of basalt and volcanic rock with good penetrating and purification ability. Jeju’s natural groundwater was formed when rain flowed through the basalt layer. As the source of all life and energy, it contains natural minerals that are good for our bodies, including vanadium and silica.

All ACCOJE products have the 7 Free Formula certificate, a safety system for cosmetic products by excluding 6 types of parabens, imidazolidinyl urea, benzophenone, artificial fragrance, animal oil and tar color.

Skin Type: Combination Skin, Normal Skin, Mature Skin, Dry Skin
Consistency: gel
Free from: artificial colors, parabens, harmful alcohol
Product Type: Serum / Essence
Product properties: anti-aging, brightening, moisturizing, matting, nourishing, regenerating, firming, strengthening


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