Oud…the essence of essences

Gabriela Armeanu

Gabriela Armeanu

Creator of Jade Oriental flavors

Oud originated in the Assam region of India and later spread throughout Southeast Asia. It is extracted from agar wood, the most expensive wood in the world.

It is formed after the tree is infected with a certain type of fungus and it reacts producing an extremely precious, dark colored and very aromatic resin.

Because this resin is produced by an extremely small number of trees, (about 2%) oud is highly prized by luxury perfume makers who have dubbed it “liquid gold”.

Oud is also used and considered to be a natural aphrodisiac. It has a unique, lemony and oriental smell that sends you into a mystical, romantic and sensual world. This is also the signature of oriental perfumes. Wearing it will awaken your senses and make you feel strong, elegant and sophisticated.

In conclusion, oud is an extremely precious natural resource that has inspired and continues to inspire the most famous perfumers in the world through the many perfumes concentrated around it. Basically, Oud is… the essence of essences.