Musk – love at first smell

Gabriela Armeanu

Gabriela Armeanu

Creator of Jade Oriental flavors

I’ve always been attracted to strong perfumes, but I didn’t know who would represent me. Until one day I discovered musk. It was just love at first sight…

A blend of many penetrating aromas that stimulate sensuality and have an aphrodisiac effect. It is also a very valuable fragrance that lasts a long time.

The musk at the base is secreted by nutmeg. They have a mace located in a sac between the genitals and navel that secretes powerful pheromones to attract females. For years they were hunted and killed to have their glands removed, and today the musk fetches around $50,000 a kilogram on the black market.

Fortunately, the use of animal musk has been banned since 1979, when red deer were protected as an endangered species.

However, there are plants that share the same olfactory characteristics with animal musk, such as: Angelica archangelica, Mimulus moschatus or Abelmoschus moschatus. They are used in the perfume industry, in cosmetics and in medicine.

In short, any perfume chosen with a musky composition will make you irresistible.