Laundry perfumes from Cashmere Aroma

Gabriela Armeanu

Gabriela Armeanu

Creator of Jade Oriental flavors

Suave aromas should be a treat for every sense, to wrap yourself in every occasion and to carry with you. Daily. Every time. Anywhere. Welcome! We are Cashmere Aroma and for more than 7 years we have been creating real olfactory emotions through special laundry fragrances, made with love, passion and a lot of skill. So that you can wear your favorite scents, together with your favorite clothing items.

Together with a dedicated team of skilled perfumers, we have so far created more than 15 unique essences in refined combinations, ideal for all types of fabrics, focusing primarily on natural notes and inviting scents, designed to last for a long time, on each coat separately. In addition, we have made sure that every laundry perfume bearing our signature reaches you directly from the factory, without intermediaries, so that the final price is as friendly as possible and the delivery is both fast and completely safe. As we feel it should be natural.

We know that everyone is different and that your needs and wants are unique. That’s exactly why we took care to launch 3 distinct ranges of fragrances for fabrics, delighting you today with both a floral concept, a fresh one and an oriental one. So that your favorite olfactory notes delight your senses as you deserve but also to give you the opportunity to experiment, when you want it.

We are very happy to meet you and we promise to do our best to exceed all your expectations, contributing to that well-being and that natural comfort that you deserve to always enjoy. Stay with us!