Arabic perfume oils…

Gabriela Armeanu

Gabriela Armeanu

Creator of Jade Oriental flavors

Arabic perfume oil is distinguished by its strong and unmistakable smell. Whether it’s Oud, sandalwood, patchouli or Tobacco, Arabesque perfume oils take you to a mystical world of the Middle East.

What is perfume oil?

Perfume oil is a volatile product (that is, it does not contain alcohol) with a wide variety of aromas. Having no alcohol, it lasts up to 24 hours on the skin, does not dry it and does not irritate it.

Usually these oils are sold in containers between 3 and 12 ml, but don’t be scared by the small amount because it will last you longer than a 100 ml toilet water, having a very intense smell, and a drop is enough not to pass unnoticed.

Being a synthetic compound, the shelf life is very long.


– when testing an aroma, do not rub your hands together because by rubbing the chemical composition of the perfume is destroyed

– do not put it directly on the clothes because it can stain the fabric

– do not apply in excess – too much can turn a pleasant aroma into one that is hard to bear

– choose the aroma that suits your lifestyle and your character.

-test the aromas on your skin. Do not forget that each PH is different and the smell differs from one person to another

-test the aroma on the top of the hair, behind the knee, on the inside of the wrist, at the elbow, neckline and behind the ear – that is, on the areas where the pulse is felt best.
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